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About Paulamarie Collection

PaulaMarie Collection is a mother-daughter owned line that offers fashion-forward folks of all genders opportunities to spice up both their daily ensembles and special occasion wear with unique fur accessories. The owner and designer, Paula Frendell, holds degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, New York. Her mission is to create beautiful, eye-catching pieces and accessories where fur is both traditionally present and not, including scarves, wraps, muff bags, hair ties, shoe slides, flip flops, vests, and jackets.

For many of her items, her manufacturers upcycle fur scraps that would have otherwise been thrown out. Paula believes that PaulaMarie Collection should be a place to discover new and exciting sources of fashion, pleasure, excitement, and fun, besides the traditional "long fur coat."

The joy she brings to helping people find their own style is based on a lifelong journey to connect her passion and skills, at first developing her business acumen at a large corporation. But it wasn’t until she took a risk and left to make her own way that her and her daughter fully utilized their skills to bring beauty, passion, and happiness to people's everyday lives. They believe that confidence starts from the inside out, and a PaulaMarie Collection piece is a way to put your best foot forward in all situations. 

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